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History detail
The Nantou Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare,consists of 2 sites the Nantou Branch and the Chung Hsing Branch. It was established in 1955 and now has a history spanning over 5 decades.During that period, Nantou Hospital has undergone a process of transformation with changes in name and organization and in merging with Chung Hsing Hospital. Nevertheless the hospital has clung tenaciously to the enthusiasm and ideal of serving the residents of Nantou, an unchanging resolution of hospital staff.
The original name of Nantou Hospital was Nantou County Hospital. It was established on October 31,1955. It was renamed Nantou Provincial Hospital on July 1,1980.Later, on July 1, 1999, in accordance with"The Temporary Regulations for Business Organization and Function Adjustments of the Taiwan Provincial Government", its name was changed to "Nantou Hospital, Ministry of Health, Executive Yuan". In 2002, in accordance with"The Restoration plan for Hospital Organizational Functions of the Ministry of Health , Executive Yuan",Chung Hsing Hospital was merged with Nantou Hospital and became Nantou Hospital, Ministry of Health, Executive Yuan. Currently there are 444 beds in the hospital.The various departments include the Emergency Department General internal Medicine Department, Cardiology Department, Neurology Department, Psychology Department, Stomach and intestine Department, Kidney Department, Immunity Rheumatism Department, Metabolism Department, Infection Department, Surgical Department, Urology Department, Orthopedics Department, Neurosurgery Department, Cosmetology Medical Discipline, Pediatrics Department, Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, Ophthalmology Department, Dermatology Department, Dentistry Department, Chinese Medical Department and Rehabilitation Department, along with a Dialysis Center, Sleep Center, and Physical Examination Center. The Hospital also provides outpatient medical service for residents of Nantou.
In providing high quality medical service for over 55 years, Nantou Hospital has constantly enhanced its hardware and software in various aspects to achieve progressive improvement, with the aim that Nantou Hospital, has become the best "local","renowned' hospital in providing excellent,swift and omni-directional medical service. In the area of hardware, in order to extend our service for the residents of Nantou, in May 1981 Nantou Hospital started construction of a 5-storey General Medical Building which was completed and opened in 1983. In 1992 the original old dormitory was demolished and rebuilt as the present brand new, well-equipped Medical Building, which was officially opened in 2002 to provide better medical service for the public in the Nantou area.
With the aim of enhancing medical quality and ensuring the medical welfare of the publuc, Nantou Hospital, strengthened the management of its hospital medical procedures. In October 2001 the hospital obtained international quality confirmation through "ISO 9001" as well as SGS international recognition in 2000, and became the first medical institution in Asia to pass the Qualicert quality certification. Moreover, in July 2006 the hospital set up the first Sleep Center in the Nantou area,with the quality of medical center. In September of that year, the Respiratory Room of our-Hospital was the first pass ISO 9001 in the Nantou area.
As we review the past record of Nantou Hospital the progress and growth of the hospital are obvious to all. Undoubtedly Nantou Hospital will strive more diligently and consistently to provide high quality medical service for residents of Nantou in the future.

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